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I’m too busy to go to the doctor. I can tough it out. Cancer’s not something that would happen to me.

Sound familiar? It’s easy to put your health on the back burner, but catching Cancer early gives you the best shot at beating it.

Cancer kills. That’s no secret. And men aren’t stupid, they know this.

But, that doesn’t mean men always get checked out when they should.

One For The Boys was created by Sofia Davis as a tribute to a friend’s brother who lost the battle to Cancer. Sofia realised that checking for early signs and getting tested means those losses don’t have to happen.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

Old, young, healthy, unhealthy, rich or poor. And though more women get Cancer than men, more men are dying from it. We need these numbers reduced.

One For The Boys arms men with the facts, the risks and the tools they need to tackle Cancer head on. Get involved, check yourself and join us so together we can show Cancer who’s boss.

Sofia Davis - Founder, One For The Boys

Sofia Davis
One For The Boys

Samuel L Jackson - Chairman , One For The Boys

Samuel L Jackson
One For The Boys

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