Our Friends and Supporters

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  • Samuel L Jackson

    Samuel L Jackson

  • Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas

  • Russell Brand

    Russell Brand

  • Sir Steve Redgrave

    Sir Steve Redgrave

  • Philip Schofield

    Philip Schofield

  • Beardy Man

    Beardy Man

  • Jamie Bamber

    Jamie Bamber

  • Richard Roundtree

    Richard Roundtree

  • Bjorn Bonnes

    Bjorn Bonnes

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Our Objectives

we encourage

We Encourage…

  • We encourage earlier detection by arming men with the right knowledge and tools
  • We encourage regular check ups and better relationships between men and their doctors
  • We encourage men to consider their lifestyle to help reduce the risk of developing Cancer
  • We encourage the government to pass a bill that works similarly to the routine female cervical smear test
we educate

We Educate…

  • We educate men of all ages about the variety of Cancers that can affect them
  • Our street teams to travel nationwide and spread the One For The Boys message
  • We get men talking about Cancer and make them as health savvy as women
  • We host events to educate and promote awareness, raising funds to support the programs and nominated charities

Where The Money Goes

The money we raise goes towards providing...

  • Education
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Care
  • Research and treatment

Money raised from the campaign will be donated to a number of Cancer charities that mark each stage of the Cancer journey, from early detection, to living with Cancer and palliative care.